Frankenstein By NightEdit

This is an American Animated series that was produced on a special site by my friend, GMoneyLive. It stars the main character Frankenstein with his two friends/companions, Percy & Jen. This is a Toonatown/ToonaXD original.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Frankenstein He was created by the villain, Dr. Zing. Frankenstein was suppose to cause the terror of Nightmare City but ended up becoming the savior of it. His arch-nemesis is Dr. Zing however over the course of the series, he starts to see him as more of a nuisance than an actual threat to society. His best friend is Percy who sometimes takes advantage of him in the wrong way but always learns his lessons in the end. He is physically the strongest in Nightmare City, rivaling Frankenstein X, The Bonecrusher, The Wilderbeast, The Bison & The Stealthbomber. His origins are explained in several episodes but it is focused solely in two episodes; Only Human and A Matter of Family. Frankenstein, despite hating Dr. Zing is loyal to his creator despite Dr. Zing's protest that he will cause the destruction of Frankenstein. Which he has caused in the new remade version with less episodes. Frankenstein has also teamed up with some unlikely allies like Dr. Zing, Dr. Mandarin and even had to save villains. He has also teamed up with Rusty Lad (a friendly rival to him). Frankenstein has appeared in every single episode of both the original and the remake of Frankenstein By Night.
  • Percy "Percival" Jameson He is the "owner" of Frankenstein and is his best friend. The two has great history with one another, with a bit of fluster to add to their friendship conflicts. However, they have never broken up as friends except once in the remake in Friendships Last Forever. He and Frankenstein care for one another to no end and will do anything to save them. For example, Frankenstein got the cure from Killer Bat to heal Percy and Percy saved Frankenstein from Killer Bat as Percy defeated Killer Bat that time and Frankenstein did not in Terror in the Sky. He is also good friends with Jen and later becomes her boyfriend. They argue a lot but also never break up as friends. On some occasions they both have to save or help Frankenstein in daring situations. Percy's unofficial arch-nemesis would be The Wilderbeast.
  • Jen Bullock She is the female of the group and seems to be the most down-to-earth and level headed of the group as well. She seems to know how to defeat Frankenstein's enemies when it actually comes down to either her or Percy figuring it out. She has saved Frankenstein on occasions like in the episode Freak Show where everyone in the audience was possessed and she needed to save them all from the Ringmaster. She eventually becomes the girlfriend of Percy. She and him argue and she is usually the serious one. However, she can be fun to be with too. Her unofficial arch-enemy would be The Ringmaster.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Rusty Lad He is an ally to Frankenstein and co. He in the remade version was originally an adversary to Frankenstein but was one of the one's that was not interested in fighting him. He only seeked to outwit and beat Frankenstein in speed type challenges. Eventually, Frankenstein defeated him and the two have been friendly rivals ever since. Now, Rusty Lad helps on occasions and is a big asset to the team.
  • Frankenstein Jr. He was another imperfect clone of Frankenstein. However, he ended up the same as Frankenstein and is the sole protector of Gothic Residence. He seems to see Frankenstein as an adult figure and on most occasions, an older version of himself. The two have teamed up before and Frankenstein has even appeared in Gothic Residence to help him take down bad guys in Gray Matter, Vanish, Holiday Knights and Seconds.

List of RoguesEdit

Frankenstein has a large list of rogues in his gallery. He has a total number of 115 rogues that opposes him in every way and one way or another seeks his defeat, permanently. Frankenstein, being defeated by a lot of them usually rises to the top and defeats his adversaries in the end. His rogue gallery consists of many of his more common enemies like Dr. Zing, Mechanic, Dr. Mandarin, Killer Bat, Frankenstein X, Dr. Magnus Mysterious, The Boulder, Rapier & The Ravine.

  • Dr. "Otto" Zing He is the main antagonist of the series. He is responsible for creating his own arch-enemy, Frankenstein. They have been adversaries since the beginning of the series. It is also worth mention to know that Dr. Zing has one of the most if not than the most appearance in the entire series out of all of Frankenstein's other rogues. He has teamed up with others on occasions but eventually remains with himself, Snowman (when appears) & his Giant Robot. He was not always as mad scientist. He unlike everyone else grew up hating the world already and always wanted to create the perfect monster to destroy mankind. However, upon making Frankenstein, he seeked to rule Nightmare City and kill him. As his plans have been foiled by Frankenstein and co. time after time, he sometimes seems to be more than capable of killing him and is only defeated by trickery, or some miracle up Frankenstein's sleeve. Frankenstein on the other hand, may loathe his creator, however, he would not go as far as to kill him. Eventually, Frankenstein was mutated to make Frankenstein X, who also turned on him. That was in the second episode, Traction. That marked the first time the two enemies teamed up to defeat a common enemy. Due to Dr. Zing's many appearances throughout the show, he has had time to think of different ways to defeat his strong adversary. He even goes as far as to seek help from Dr. Magnus Mysterious himself. By the end of the series, Frankenstein and Dr. Zing remains as enemies but teams up to defeat Mordu in the Underworld.
  • Mechanic (Robert Jackson) He is a commonly known villain of Frankenstein's. He normally likes to use mechanical and metal stuff (hence the name) at his disposal. His real name is Robert Jackson and actually became "Mechanic" at the age of 11. He was tweaking with his inventions in his lab until one thing goes haywire and turns one of his arms into a mechanical, bionical arm. However, he still is a human and has no superhuman abilities except for the ability to create anything that involves metal in it. He has teamed up with people but is usually a loner and likes to isolate himself, opposed to Dr. Zing who hates being alone. He is one of the many villains that usually appears in many episodes. He has defeated Frankenstein on some occasions and has even enslaved Nightmare City. As of his last appearance in Nevermore, he is locked away in prison but in his cell where he creates television sets to sell to the other prisoners for 2 dollars a piece.
  • Giant Robot Is a machine built by Dr. Zing. It was seen in the first episode as Dr. Zing's trumpcard against Frankenstein when the latter refused to join Dr. Zing in destroying the city. Dr. Zing has used it on many other occasions and even one time it came to life. This is Dr. Zing's strongest invention. As it was one of the least "villains" to appear in the show, it usually appeared in episodes that Dr. Zing was in.
  • The Boulder (Randy Carson) real name Randy Carson became the supervillain Boulder by an accident caused by an explosion in a building. He was testing a nuclear tester using rocks and minerals. However, the explosion trapped him inside of it and a piece of the falling debris fused Randy's skin and DNA with the rock and limestone. Eventually, he started to mutate and started having his skin be rock hard. Eventually, he was a walking boulder and dubbed himself, the Boulder. He is now on a psychotic rampage and seems to see everything except the building he was transformed in as something he should destroy. Ever since accident, he is considered insane like Dr. Zing & Dr. Mandarin but to a much smaller extent. In future episodes, he was in another accident where Frankenstein "caused" (Metallic and Boulder just blamed them when they caused it) him to fuse with Metallic to make Metallic Boulder. They would stay like that for all eternity. He has become even stronger but Frankenstein has as well, making them evenly match, more or less.
  • Metallic He was a creation of Mechanic. he was one of Mechanic's best inventions and even was promoted to go solo as a villain when he made Mechanic proud of him. Metallic ever since then tried to kill Frankenstein and co. but could not do it. However, Frankenstein accidentally fuses him with the Boulder and becomes Metallic Boulder forever. Metallic Boulder then becomes an actual threat to society.
  • The Mermaid (Sissila Stone) She is a mermaid that was originally a human until she was reversed frozen in the arctic waters in Nightmare City. She was then a metahuman but soon began to notice that she grew gills. She then was a permanent mermaid. In her first appearance in "Avatar" she was using Frankenstein and Percy to do her bidding. However, Jen did not trust her and ultimately stopped her. She then started a life of crime but using water as her tactics. Eventually, she ends up being an occasional partner to Snowman. She fell in love with Snowman and they even went on dates as crime partners. However, they break-up as partners for a while and the Mermaid then falls in love with Grover Runbar. However, he was in the end locked away and presumed dead. Her last appearance was in "Snowblind" where she is already joined back with Snowman. In the end, they enjoy their time out in the arctics and they kiss.
  • Snowman He was a creation of Dr. Zing's. He is one of the few creations of Dr. Zing's that did not go against him. In many of his appearances, he appeared with the Mermaid as they were crime partners and love birds. Until they go solo again. Eventually, Snowman is the boyfriend of the Mermaid and they do not go to jail in their final appearance.
  • Vain He is a villain that despises Frankenstein above most of his villains. In most of his appearances, his main goals involved not killing Frankenstein but using him to gain the upperhand to make a plan to extract Frankenstein of his powers and so he can be defenseless to all of his common enemies.
  • Megadoom He was a creation and was the ultimate evil. He was successful in starting an empire and set to destroy the lands and rule the people with an evil army. He succeeded in that and so Frankenstein had to team up with some unlikely allies (villains) to eliminate what could be his most evillest villain yet, the meaning of pure evil.
  • Dr. "Leroy" Mandarin He is a scientist of pure evil. He never liked society and was one of few to never be neglected. He saw everyone inferior to him, with the exception of Otto who he looked up to and was the best friend of. The two would make creations with one another and get detention together. When they got older, they teamed up to defeat Frankenstein. However, their plans always failed and eventually they broke up as friends and went their separate ways. Dr. Mandarin would then try to find alternate ways to defeat Frankenstein like using GardenGnome. At some point, Frankenstein saves Dr. Mandarin. Dr. Mandarin knowing who he is, actually promised to return the favor as he is a man of his word. Eventually he does return the favor and they go back to hating one another. Due to his many appearances, Dr. Mandarin is a big foe and adversary of Frankenstein.
  • The Bonecrusher (Mac McGee) He is the former best friend of Percy. They use to be friends as "the brawn and the puny." One day, he was hit by a truck. He was so traumatized that he went semi-insane and demanded to be tested so something like that would never occur again. The test was a success and Mac had Adamantanium transferred inside of his bones. He was then very muscular and was physically the strongest ever. However, he did not know that that was the reason Percy got distant from him. He then let the new "body" go to his head as he got girls, ruled what he wanted and could beat anyone at anything. When Mac and Percy got into an argument, Percy insulted him by saying he is a "bonecrusher" and deadly. Mac then kept the name as a bad memory and something he will use as his identity, thus creating the birth of the Bonecrusher. When Frankenstein and the Bonecrusher met, the Bonecrusher thought he was trying to steal his thunder. Ever since then, he has been big enemies with Frankenstein and the two usually go at it with a final "WWE" fight to end all fights. He also tries to reconciliate with Percy and threaten to kill him on some times. He also has a crush on Jen.
  • Dreamo (Tim Kerchang) He is a villain that acquired the ability to enter a person's dream and tear them up from the inside. He however, was not evil for long as Frankenstein and co. was able to make him see the error of his ways and he was able to turn on Mechanic or any other he teamed up with at the time.
  • Morphiplo (Greg Tenkenis) Was a scientist and was fascinated by how Grey Matter connects to morphing. Eventually, this lead to his studies being a success and he wanted to try it out for himself. However, it goes bad and he can morph into anything. He was not really evil but was confused and like Dreamo, found the error of his ways.
  • Frankenstein X This was Dr. Zing's 3 creation (on record as he created many other things as a teen before this)after Frankenstein & Giant Robot. He was created with the DNA of the original Frankenstein and was to be the Ultimate Lifeform as the new complete Frankenstein. However, the experiment goes bad and the creation is incomplete. The incomplete clone was red, buffer than Frankenstein & wore no shirt. He was about as strong as Frankenstein (maybe stronger) was created to eliminate Frankenstein & work for Dr. Zing. However, Frankenstein X (like Frankenstein) turns on Dr. Zing and only has the purpose of causing destruction and eliminating Frankenstein. In his first appearance in season 1, episode 2, "Traction", Frankenstein & Dr. Zing had to team up just to defeat Frankenstein X. To which Frankenstein and his incomplete clone fought on thin ice to where Frankenstein X was weaker. Even still, Frankenstein barely won. Ever since then, Frankenstein X was more than determined to kill Frankenstein.
  • Crag A strong adversary of not only Frankenstein but of Knightfire from Demonblade: The Animated Series and London & Lil'G from London & Lil'G. He originated from London & Lil'G as just a secondary villain to the main characters. In his one appearance in Frankenstein By Night, he and Man-Crag were out of jail from Alcatraz City and Frankenstein was to return them there.
  • Man-Crag A clone of Crag that also had one appearance and he and Crag escaped Frankenstein had to capture them.
  • Mobo (Michael Mobs) He was a creation of Dr. Zing's & Dr. Mandarin's that did not end very good.
  • Hans He is a barbarian that went into a portal, created by Percy and was lead into the present day world. He is one of Frankenstein's physically strongest opponents but is quite stupid. Eventually, he makes peace with the heroes but is still a villain when they send him back to his own time.
  • Rapier (Thaddeus Gerald) He is an expert in engineering and liked sword fighting. He was a professional in sword fighting and seek challenging foes. Eventually, he was sword fighting with his neighbor, Shack and Shack accidentally stabbed Thaddeus' mother in the eye and killed his father when he stabbed him in the heart. Thaddeus then grew a hatred for anyone but himself period. Eventually, he meets Frankenstein & co. and already hates them. Frankenstein and him were quick to become enemies. However, it was Jen who actually had the final fight against him in his first appearance. From there on, Rapier vowed to get even with Frankenstein for humiliating him at what he is best at.
  • The Wilderbeast This is an animal that lives in the wild and has a certain type of rabies disease that if it bites its victim, they transform into another version of it. The Wilderbeast bit Percy when on a camping trip and Frankenstein had to change him back and get revenge on the Wilderbeast. The Wilderbeast may not talk but he fully understands human life and what Frankenstein says and vice versa. This leads to them fighting as the Wilderbeast is another powerhouse villain that could be dangerous to Frankenstein. Especially, if he rams as he usually starts attacking first by ramming.
  • The Woodhammer (Charles Stones) He was fascinated by trees but was more obsessed than Poison Ivy (Batman) as he considered plants and trees as people and treat them like a human and treats humans less than he would treat a chicken (which he despises and would kill if he sees one). He then became the villain known as the Woodhammer and can control plants but mostly in an overgrowth type of way. He mostly uses roots from the ground or trees he creates to attack and can be a deadly opponent to Frankenstein.
  • Bloodbath (Devon Fisher) He was an astronaut that went to live on the Moon for a few years. However, on his time there, he got bit by an unknown species. What he did not know was that when the creature bit him, it injected some of its own blood into him. That caused his blood to fuse with its and destroy all of his blood cells and replace it with the creatures. The blood in his body quickly mutated and it covered not only the inside, but the outside as well. He was then full blood all over and had the ability to shoot blood form him and deform himself. He could also make his blood temperature rise in heat or freeze in cold. In his first encounters with Frankenstein, he seemed very arrogant and strived for a revolution and was close but was stopped Frankenstein. In the process, he not only could go back to his human form but, when he got shocked by the electrical power of the Power Plant, the energy from the blast mutated his blood even more. In addition, it destroyed all of his blood cells except one (which could have killed him) and the last red blood cell had the eggs of the mutated ones and started producing those. Eventually he was covered in all white. He then had new features and was better than ever. He eventually, remains as Bloodbath and underground, trapped but in solitude like he always wanted.
  • The Vendetta (Oswald Jenkins) He was the student of the greatest scientist and firefighter in the world. He eventually wanted to combine both to learn them faster and easier. When he did his own experiment to show for the presentation, he accidentally emerged the fire's chemicals and the acid into his hands. He was then humiliated in front of the audience when they saw him and said that he could be anybody he wanted now that he was considered a freak. He then got mad and grabbed the person's face and stole it, making him stronger. He then vowed revenge on all who mocked him for messing up his own life. He then dubs himself as the Vendetta. The Vendetta and Frankenstein met when downtown of Nightmare City. The Vendetta has tried to take Frankenstein's face but only got Jen's (as the closest). Frankenstein and Percy stopped him and recovered her face. He currently is in prison, rotting.
  • The Ravine (Ralston Ravine) He was an international tourist and explored the world. He found out and discovered many new facts about birds and was fascinated beyond belief when seeing them. He then went to Nightmare City and witness birds being imprisoned and killed. Him wanting revenge on the people who were held responsible, he used his technology to build himself almost inseparatable giant black colored wings, a beak, and the agility, speed and strength of a giant bird. He then became the Ravine to seek revenge. He is always a nuisance to Frankenstein but can cause him some trouble if he wants. He hates others like the Archer, and Hunter Ross.
  • The Ventriloquist (Matt Damon) A guy who owns a puppet. His puppet can talk like a human and is actually a human but is extremely short. Matt's career was great until he met Spanky Tisdale. Spanky almost ruined his life but made it up to him by becoming his "dummy" in shows and they got rich. Eventually, Dr. Zing ruined that and the Ventriloquist took their anger out on Frankenstein ever since. Eventually, they go good and Frankenstein and co. goes to see their shows.
  • Magnor He is an intergalactic like organism that seeks thrill by putting gladiators against gladiators. He uses them as puppets and actually either kills them or steals their energy away until they either die or cannot move. He used Frankenstein in his competition and Frankenstein was able to beat and surpass his opponents. Eventually, Frankenstein beats everyone and gets to the final fight for his freedom, facing Magnor. After a long fight, Frankenstein beats Magnor (but did not kill him) and went back to his regular lives. Magnor wishes to kill Frankenstein but through tournaments and eliminations, making him somewhat fair as a villain.
  • Dr. Magnus Mysterious (Walker Mysterious) He is the next best scientist in the world and has already hated Dr. Zing's idea of creating Frankenstein. Since Frankenstein foils his plans in the end, he like many other villains actually show a great distaste for Dr. Zing for creating their main enemy that stands between their ultimate goal. However, of all of the villains that know that, he holds it over Otto's head the most. Walker decided to have an alter ego for himself when he discovered that he could easily go to jail if the police found out what he was doing. So he was called, Dr. Magnus Mysterious as his villain counterpart in case his fundings would go downhill. He has students of his own; Dr, Zing & Dr. Mandarin who rival for being his top student and being the next best evil in society. Despite his constant arguing with Otto and his praising for Leroy, Dr. Magnus Mysterious favors Otto.
  • The Shadowkeeper This is a demonic like shadow that has no purpose in the world but to bring about chaos and havoc. Frankenstein and Dr. Magnus Mysterious actually teams up to solve the investigation of who could created the monster. When finding it, Clownface was shown with it. When Frankenstein fought it, it manipulated Frankenstein's shadow, allowing him to control Frankenstein. Frankenstein then had to get rid of his own shadow in order to defeat it. It was then supposedly killed during the Big Heat Wave.
  • Monstro (Billy Heinz) He was chosen to test a drug and that changed him completely into a behemoth like monster. He is a real challenging foe for Frankenstein but can be defeated.
  • The Ringmaster He is neglected by society but makes up for that by creating a special type of circus. He has a rod that he uses to make the freaks do things. However, that also allows him to use mind control on the audience, which makes him stronger. To change them back, Frankenstein & co. would have to break his rod. However, in all of his appearance, he appears to make new ones. As silly as he is compared to Clownface and how similar they are in nature, he considers the villain to be quite insane and stupid.
  • Clownface (Conrad Starkings) He was a big fan of the Joker & had a crush on Harley Quinn. When meeting them, the Joker disapproved of him but said he could be similar to him if he becomes a clown. Harley kisses him on the cheek for good luck and he jumps inside of the acid that made Joker who he is. He is just like Joker and thanks him for all of his hard work. He hugs Harley good-bye and promises to do them good. In Nightmare City, he causes many crimes and does things that are insane that no villain would do. He has even gone far to poison Jen and destroy the cure. He has even trapped Frankenstein and himself in a burning building, showing how crazy he was. Frankenstein saved them both. When he visited Joker and Harley Quinn again, they were proud of him and Conrad was even happier when he became another sidekick to him.
  • The Bison (Feferor Gyesi) He is a strong big man who is very muscular and can trick people. He is a strong and intelligent man and causes many problems for Frankenstein. He has a sidekick named Jynx. He and her make a good team but has disbanded from each other on two occasions. However, they always end up back together no matter what.
  • Cox He is the student of the Wizard and is considered his son. They teach each other as he tries to learn wizardry and he teaches his mentor on how to be more smooth with the ladies.
  • GardenGnome (Gnome #341) He was just a regular gnome in a yard that was not only brought to life but with superhuman abilities like super strength, speed, endurance and his hat was used as a razor like weapon. He is loyal to his creator, Dr. Mandarin and even tries to win his gratitude. He has failed that on many occasions but gets it eventually and then is promoted to do whatever villainous things he wants to do. He then tries to make his creator happy by trying to kill Frankenstein.
  • Cementiahead (Alex Blake) He was a construction worker on concrete but had 800 lbs of it pour on him and he fused with it. He was then known as Cementiahead but was surprisingly not traumatized or insane.
  • Ooze Is a liquid substance that was formed by using electromagnetic minerals of water and plasma to form it. The creator of it was unknown however, it is known that it was created to help people in everyday life troubles. However, upon being found by Atlas and Beluga, they trained it to have a score to settle with humanity and starts with its first victim, Frankenstein. Ooze is one of the lesser known villains.
  • Overdose (Rev O. Verdos) He was the older brother of Ron & despised his parents very much. He even killed his mother and kidnapped his father. Ron was traumatized by learned that all wounds heal in time. Rev then went to the hospital and found out that his hormones has been mutated to a state where his anger takes over. Rev, unable to control it, goes on a rampage and leaves his brother to be living alone. When he returns, he has forgotten of his past on purpose and has changed his name to his last name, Overdose because he would take many overdoses of pills and his last name. Eventually, the police was able to stop this megalomaniac and imprisoned him in a mummy's tomb in a museum. However, Outrage awakens him once again and they are back at it with Overdose still evil but not quite insane.
  • Outrage (Uot R. Age) He is the younger step-brother of Overdose. He was from his father and loved getting an older brother. However, at first, Overdose treated him like a dog. However, he began to like him and became great friends with him. Eventually, Overdose returned after the accident and they become a villainous duo. However, he was sad when they imprisoned Outrage. Eventually, his goal was to get his brother back and they begin their wave of terror again. Currently, they are still back at their old tricks.
  • Menace (Ben Daves) He used to be a reporter until he came crossing paths with Dr. Magnus Mysterious. He was then experimented and was given the name Menace as a meaning as a menace to society. He was then given a mission to destroy Frankenstein. When he presumably succeeded, he was going to dry up the lands by absorbing the power from the moon and send the planet to the sun. Frankenstein, Dr. Zing & Dr. Magnus Mysterious teams up to rid of this horrible villain.
  • The Wizard (Merlin Earles) He was a master in wizardry and had his own company. However, it was shut down and he decided to continue it, despite it being illegal for him. He then began to take students in and that is the story of how he met Cox. Him and Cox would teach each other different things. Eventually, they got separated by gets back together as mentor and student.
  • The Stealthbomber It is a machine-like creature that stalks the night and is very highly advanced. It is unknown how it came to be but it is implied that Mechanic played a small role in making that happen. The Stealthbomber is a great foe of Frankenstein's and is more than capable of killing him as he his better endurance, more stamina and he is metal so he does not have a limited energy run. Due to him having limited episodes, he is viewed as one of the lesser known villains of Frankenstein's.
  • Doomsday He was an experiment that was created by Dr. Magnus Mysterious and used as the ultimate evil. In the comics, Doomsday is the same in nature and strength however, his personality was less formal but more psychotic. In his one appearance, he was going to rule everything but was eventually stopped by Frankenstein when he is able to gain enough power to stop him. He was originally not suppose to appear in the show but did because of promotional reasons.
  • Killer Wolf She is a wolf that not only is savage but hunts to kill too. She was experimented by Dr. Zing and Dr. Mandarin to rid their troubles of Frankenstein. She has hated Frankenstein ever since and is was not even her fault for this. However, she has some human like abilities like she can walk on hind legs at times and can understand what Frankenstein says, along with the Wilderbeast and Killer Bat.
  • Clawface He is a nueroscience creation that was formed and created by Dr. Zing & Dr. Magnus Mysterious. He would have ended up being insane and more than capable of killing Frankenstein. However, Clownface (actually Nate Rodney in the comics) added a special gas that made him joke around when he was about to kill his opponent. This was a flaw in their design as that could have been the key to killing Frankenstein. Clawface in the comics appeared late but made up for that as being in the show.
  • Killer Bat This was a mutated bat, created by Dr. Magnus Mysterious. When it got mutated, it grew in size, strength and speed. It was about the same strength as Frankenstein was but was physically faster than him in every way, out beating him in the very end. However, Frankenstein was able to use quick maneuvers and sly techniques and complex plans to beat Killer Bat. Eventually, Killer Bat meets a kid named Kid Jimmy (Jimmy Lobber in the comics). However, Frankenstein beat him by getting Jimmy to realize that Killer Bat was a villain. In Killer Bat's final appearance in the show, Kid Jimmy is seen to have forgiven him. Killer Bat vows to get even with Frankenstein and takes Kid Jimmy on a ride.
  • The Black Kotana (Robbie Brown) He was a great basket ball player and was great at anything he did. He then did acrobatics because he was so great at it. He was then sponsored by a company and went to go advertise his picture to put on the big screen. When seeing it, through the computer, he tried to change something but the electrical cords were burning because one of the guys spilled coffee on it and so he got shocked. His talents then got multiplied by 6 and was heightened. As Robbie noticed his increase in agility, speed and strength, he thought of a way to help people. Eventually that backfired and his fame was gone. Wanting revenge, he seeks the old Japanese Testing Site to destroy it and kill all of the people there.
  • Dr. "Ojay" Minister He is a scientist that is actually 100 years of age. He was an expert in studying age and how tor revert people back to their prime or to their younger days. He tried that on himself when he was 100 and he was about to turn to dust because of his body tiring out. He then made himself 40 years old again. The ray was a success however, it wore off after sometime and he then built the ray using titanium and became 40 years old forever. Now with his younger mind, he is able to fool Frankenstein and is considerably smarter than when he was in his prime.
  • Carter Peter He is a man that has no superhuman abilities except for the ability to persuade a person with saying a word after saying Sir. He has hated Frankenstein since he was created and hates Dr. Zing for creating such a monster. He once took Frankenstein to court and was going to convince the jury to find Frankenstein guilty. However, Frankenstein was able to make them snap out of it in time so Carter Peter went to jail. Ever since, Carter Peter looks to expose Frankenstein for the "foe" he is and hopes to put him in jail.
  • Grover Runbar He is a villain who has no superhuman abilities but is quick on his feet and can solve puzzles easily. His first appearance in the television series was when he was in prison with Sissila and they grew to like one another very much. Eventually, he was locked away in prison by Frankenstein again. He then vowed revenge and made guns that was above any other human's level.
  • Tin Man (Mighty Margo) He is a failed attempt at a supervillain but is considered one. He appeared mostly with other villains in the first season. He was officially removed from the show after a season.
  • The Cometh (Josh Freights) He is the one known as the Cometh because he was fascinated with the solar system. He knew Dr. Minister and requested that the doctor help him make a costume with the powers of the solar and lunar energy. He does so and it is a success. Eventually, the Cometh turns good after a final encounter with Frankenstein and so he turns a new leaf and currently lives in Nightmare City.
  • The Mudmask (Molasses Spitzwell) He was a man who was hated by society but loved by the media. He did work for the news however, the citizens did not like that he was doing that and gave him a fine if he was to continue. He continued and did not pay the fine. Eventually, the commander got some workers and they broke into his house and got a bunch of mud. They then dropped 300 lbs of mud on Molasses and instead of him being crushed or killed, his skin chemicals fused with the chemicals of the mud and he became the Mudmask. As revenge, the Mudmask was going to cause a mudslide to destroy Nightmare City. However, Percy and Jen saved the people and Frankenstein managed to defeat the Mudmask and stop the mudslide. When he returned, the Mudmask was causing the citizens to hate Frankenstein again, eventually all of that healed and he stopped him. The Mudmask is a known criminal and returns but cannot be put in jail as sometimes he stays in his mud form but sometimes he cannot.
  • Abdullah's Garah Lu He is a demon spirit from the Demon World that came and abducted Jen. He then tricked Frankenstein and Percy into going into his Demon World. When they got in, they noticed that Jen's youth was stolen when he used a Demon technique in his world. He was then going to take theirs. However, he had trouble taking the duo's. He eventually managed to capture the two and prepares to take their youths until the old Jen pushes him into the real world and as they go in, she holds him, gaining her youth and he looses his. Frankenstein then comes back with Percy and the two kicks him into the Demon World for good. In his next and final appearance in the show in Artifacts, he came back from the Demon World to bring Frankenstein with him forever. However, Percy was able to trick him and send him back to where he would never return.
  • Dr. "Yimeon" Sargott He is a doctor that also appeared in both Astro the Animated Series and Demonblade: The Animated Series. He is a scientist that desired to splice himself and be feared by society. He accomplishes this and eventually leads up to his transformation into the Man-Beast.
  • Man-Fish (Fin Zappados) He is a villain that is a half man-half fish that stalks the waters for prey up by the docks. He got bit by a diseased fish that started to transform.
  • Lifetaker (Gil Damerson) He was tested with steroids and mutation spray and turned into the Lifetaker. He can now aborb people's energies until they are dead.
  • Mister Light (Donny Domingo) He was a product tester and was fascinated with light and so he became a student in training to learn more about light in the science hall. However, not only did he cause a chemical explosion, he caused all of the light particles from throughout the whole building to zap him, transforming him into Mister Light. He had the ability to control light wherever he went. When Mister Light and Frankenstein met, they got off on a wrong foot. Mister Light then prepared to make Frankenstein and co. blind. Frankenstein then struggled to find ways how to make himself blind. Mister Light appears on occasions to exact his revenge and cover Nightmare City in lightness.
  • Man-Spider A villain that is half-human and half-spider. It came to Nightmare City trying to created a ruined city called "Arachno."
  • Bulletshed (Bullet Shevi) He was a man that had an unknown past. However, he seeked revenge on the mayor. He was made of reinforced steel and was just as strong as the steel inside of the Bonecrusher's body. When first meeting Frankenstein & co., he easily kicked their butts and headed to the Mayor's Office. He was stopped by Dr. Zing from killing the mayor and Frankenstein gets thrown by Rusty Lad and Percy and the two get flown out of the window to where Frankenstein lands on Bulletshed who lands inside of an oil truck. Bulletshed now returns to kill Frankenstein and exact his revenge on the mayor for unknown reasons.
  • The Panther (Phineas Jaguar) He is the younger twin brother of Crane Jaguar and is a second-placed silver medal champion. AS his brother gets first, he is fine getting second until Frankenstein joined the olympics and kicked their butts. Wanting revenge, he and his brother gets tested and he becomes the Panther.
  • The Cougar (Crane Jaguar) He is the older brother of Phineas Jaguar and is a 1st place gold medal winning champion. He usually gets first as his brother gets second until Frankenstein became a competitor and kicked their butts in the challenges. He like his brother then gets experimented and he becomes the Cougar.
  • Mordu He is an evil overlord from the Underworld that seeks to take souls and devour them to gain their strengths and greatest attributes. He has appeared the most out of the "antagonists that enslaves mankind" villains. He is usually faced by Frankenstein and Dr. Zing as they usually drag each other into their adventures. He seems to always capture Percy and Jen and even was going to kill them. In the comics, he kidnapped Frankenstein Jr. and turned him to stone for half of the series of the comic until they found Frankenstein Jr. perfectly normal. Mordu in both versions has defeated Frankenstein in the very end.
  • Basilisx Is a creature created by an liquid/solid like substance caused by Clownface messing with Dr. Zing's inventions. He then took over for himself and tried to kill everyone. Dr. zing shoots it and weakens Basilisx. However, Basilisx destroys the ray and fights Frankenstein on top of the Nightmare Tower. Frankenstein was about to lose until he used the wind to his advantage and pushed Basilisx into a car. He then took him to jail. In later appearances, he is not as crazed as he started out as.
  • Jynx She is a girl that is a follower of Atlas & Beluga and is the sidekick of the Bison. She is in love with the Bonecrusher and has won his affections on some occasions but sometimes looses it to Jen. She is also in a good relationship with the Bison however, they have argued and she has left his side when he casted her away. However, she ended up returning to his side as she missed the excitement when working with him.
  • Atlas (Morgan Tal) He is an expert on the world, mythically. He was into greek gods and all that to the pont of obsession. He then decided to do whatever it took to gain that power that greek gods have achieved. He succeeded when his life was on the line and became Atlas. He was a strong and powerful being but after losing to Frankenstein, he recruited both Beluga and Jynx as helpers. From then on, they were almost like a team to fight him. However in the comics, Atlas ended up dying when he, Beluga and Frankenstein had a 3-way fight over acid-lava.
  • Beluga (Louis Veranchi) He was a man of great power and that was bent on creating oppression and injustice. However, a man stood up to him and he was banned from living there. Wanting revenge, he became Beluga as a symbol of death and vengeance, he went to kill Frankenstein as Frankenstein reminds him of that guy that got him banned from the city. From then on, Beluga would been in a team with Atlas & Jynx, until Atlas was killed and he joined up with the Olympiads, The Panther & The Cougar.
  • Party Dragon A mythical creature of folktale and urban legends that came to life when a wizard (Cox) messed with a spell and created it. Since then, it has sought out to kill Cox for that as it was hated due to not being use to human society. In addition, his interactions with Frankenstein were even worse. They were known as enemies from there on but was one of Jen's greater rivals. Party Dragon does not appear a lot in the comics but played its major role in its first appearance where it almost enslaved Nightmare City by getting Frankenstein to be the enemy.
  • Bloodhound (Shear Renolds) He was among many things but loved being a dog. He was not obsessed with dogs but simply loved how they were. He then took it upon himself to do everything a dog does. He got experimented to make himself have sharp teeth and nails. Eventually after walking on all fours, his spine arched permanently and he became a dog like creature. Eventually, this led to his thirst for human blood as a bloodhound, thus creating Bloodhound. Upon meeting Frankenstein, he was going to bite and take his blood. However, Frankenstein punched him and told him that his blood would have killed him. As Bloodhound always wanted to take his blood, he madae a goal to kill and steal his blood before he dies. With that going, Frankenstein struggles to stop Bloodhound as he is one of the more faster opponents of Frankenstein. However, his dog like demeanor means beating someone with the mind of a dog is easier than Bloodhound shows.
  • Richochet (Rick. O Chet) A former stuntman that nearly broke his leg when wingsuit flying while the "wings" were on fire. However, it was all because of Mechanic that that happened. He then gained a vendetta against Mechanic and vowed to kill him with all his heart. However despite all of his disdain towards him, Frankenstein protects Mechanic and saves him from Richochet's wrath and defeats him. Richochet wanting revenge, would sometimes trick Frankenstein into getting Mechanic by falsely accusing him of something he did not do. Richochet has come close to killing Mechanic before. In the comics, he breaks his mechanical arm off and throws him in a fire pit. However, Frankenstein saved him and Mechanic rebuilt his mechanical arm. Eventually, Richochet was put in jail for good and was never seen again but on one instance when Frankenstein visited all of his most infamous rogues in jail.
  • Ox (Armadou Taylor) He works for Sillacon Disc Drive Inc. and is very good with technology. However, he hates many people and despises anyone who is good & nice. Whenever he meets a person like that, he thinks they are making fun of him. He became Ox through transfusion and fused his skin with Ox/Buffalo hide. That also mutated his strength, speed, agility & whatnot. He became Ox and met Frankenstein when he was going to break the Nightmare City Bridge into the water. Frankenstein stopped him by getting him really mad and tricked him to fall off of the bridge. Ever since then, Ox does not appear much but usually appears with Richochet as a duo.
  • The Earthworm (Jason Beetles) He is a 15 year old that was in love with getting stronger. he was scrawny and wanted become buff, as well as being fascinated by slimy creatures. One day, he was hit by a heat-lightning wave and gains superhuman abilities. He becomes really buff and gains a cape and bids himself as the Earthworm. As he used his superpowers for good, he was wealthy, had a wife at 19 & lived in the perfect mansion. However, all that went downhill as he was actually destroying the town whenever he was saving it. Eventually, the town was almost completely destroyed and so the S.W.A.T. team murders his family under the permission of Barry. Jason is traumatized and turns rogue on the city and tries to kill anyone he sees as a threat, turning a bit semi-insane. When wondering to Nightmare City to start a new career, he finds Frankenstein and his mental willpower is shattered and he tries his all to kill Frankenstein. As he is physically stronger than Frankenstein, Frankenstein had to test Jason's mind's limits before imploding (somewhat literally). He was eventually never seen again.
  • The Zendain Boys A group of thug-like creatures that seems to not have any regard for anyone but themselves in anyway. They go through towns stealing merchandise and things they see as valuables. Eventually, they arrive at Nightmare City and decides to have a little fun. They run into the town's savior, Frankenstein and they warn him not to get in their way. In their second encounter, Frankenstein fights them all but loses when the leader of the Zendain Boys, Boss runs him over and leaves a motorcicle tire mark on his chest. With Frankenstein handicapped for a while, the Zendain Boys go free for all until he is back on his feet. Frankenstein then defeats them one by one & eventually fights Boss again. This time, Frankenstein stole his bike and crashed it into a fire hydrant (on purpose). The boys tries to fight him and manages to beat him a bit as he is still a bit weak from their second encounter. They then throw him in the Arctic waters and Frankenstein gains all health and strength. He then beats them easily and ties them to the motorcicle and throws it far away. From then on, the Zendain Boys keeps returning as an on-and-off appearance in the show and comics. They do not usually appear but are consider main rivals of Frankenstein's and are apart his more familiar antagonists.
  • Massive (Tichero L. Dickson) He is a reporter that has not had a lot of history with people. He gets a girlfriend and his life starts to become better. However, an assassin orders two thugs to murder his girlfriend because of his wealth. Tichero wanting revenge, builds a suit that seems like buff skin and kills the thugs and searches for the assassin known as the Black Kotana. Tichero becomes Massive when he creates a Massive wave of destruction and chaos. He then finds the Black Kotana in Nightmare City and almost kills him until he is saved by Frankenstein. Now having two enemies, Massive tries to kill them both because he thinks if he cannot have a happy life, than the two should not either. He was stopped when he was shocked by an electric chair chained to one of Dr. Zing's machines. He returned when getting the help from Dr. Mandarin and seeks to kill the two and has teamed up with Dr. Mandarin ever since.
  • Wave (Leo Wayman Diards) A surfer who was the best in Nightmare City. He was good until Frankenstein beat him. He wanted revenge so bad that he challenged him and tried to win through cheating and was caught. He then had one more idea: Wayman goes deep underwater and swims into a dark vortex-like whirlpool & the pressure from the water transforms him into a giant walking ocean. He then likes this and finds Frankenstein's house and kidnaps both Percy & Jen. Frankenstein teams up with Rusty Lad, Nuke & JoeDanny to stop this guy. Wayman is taunting Frankenstein and threatens to kill both Percy & Jen unless Frankenstein races him. However, Rusty Lad raced him and managed to win. Wayman not satisfied, tried to kill Rusty Lad but Nuke stopped him and "polluted" his water with radioactive acid that entered his DNA and started to kill him from the inside-out. Eventually, he goes back to normal but screams out that Wave will return and Wave will have his revenge. Wave does in fact return when Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Carter Peter both found some of the Dark Vortex & took a DNA sample. Wayman discovers this and finds them. The two injects it in him and Wave is once again back but is the color black & permanently too. Nuke however goes to stop him alone and tries to do it the same way he did it last time but could not as Wave was already mutated with the radioactivity. Wave then suffocates Nuke until Frankenstein & Percy saves him. Jen comes in and gets Dr. Zing who was on the beach to help them. Dr. Zing is surprised that his nephew, Leo was actually the supervillain. However, Dr. Zing defeats Wave and locks Leo in jail for good. He has escaped at times to try and change back but was always put in jail
  • Reptile (Kajun Jekins) He is man who was the cousin of Dr. Kurt Conners. He visited Conners during his time as the Lizard and actually helped Spider-Man stop him. He thought he was fine and headed home sometime after that. However, the Lizard had some of his saliva on Kajun & he notices some of the transformation growths and how fast it is growing. Eventually, he turns into Reptile and stalks the night to eat a human. He tried to eat Mister Light and almost succeeded until he used his power. Frankenstein somehow gets down there and the two enemies teams up to stop Reptile and make a cure. After back to normal, Kajun discovers he still has the Reptile DNA and will transform into it sometime later. That time occurs much quicker than expected and he once again becomes Reptile. Only this time, Percy & Jen has to save Frankenstein before he is eaten. They manage to trick him and gives him a final cure that keeps him human forever.
  • The Sorcerer (Max Houston) He is not only a villain of Frankenstein's but a villain of Knightfire from Demonblade: The Animated Series & originated from Astro: The Animated Series. He is sort of insane and loves to pull jokes on people. He has the power to do anything with his magic and wizardry.
  • Overgrowth (Donovan Weasel) He is is father of Charles Stone but changed his name when his son began to do villainous things. One night, he was at the bar and was drunk. The Woodhammer finds him and nurses him back to health and convinces his dad to go cold on the world and turn against it. Donovan becomes Overgrowth and is the sidekick to his son as they try to create the city in a nature like setting. In addition, they also try their best to rid of Frankenstein as Fraknenstein causes many problems for them. Eventually, his father retires from villain work when he loses track on his wife and his newborn son, Raphael. He wishes Charles the best of luck and remains with the family.
  • Dubious (Dylan Dusc) He is a wizard in math, geometry specifically. He knows how to do anything math and science related and knows what to do in any sort of problem. He started to work for Dubious Polygon Inc. and became the co-manager of the industry. However, one night he was closing but wanted to test his new Dubious Disc with the Dubious Metadrive and they exploded instead of mixing. Every worker checks it out in the morning and witnesses Dylan's body and chemicals fused to that of the Dubious products. Dubious, ashamed of what he did, quits Dubious Polygon Inc. and tries to comfrot himself. He takes pleasure in causing misery to others and destroying anything that is not Dubious (which is almost everything in Nightmare City). As a main villain to Nuke, Nuke most of the time tries to stop him and or Frankenstein is teaming up with Nuke to stop him. Dubious is a dangerous opponent and cannot be taken lightly. He most of the time uses his magnetism and his metafusion Dubious to really defeat his opponents. Frankenstein & Nuke can never seem to beat him but usually do when they downgrade his material and "shut him down."
  • The Whisperer (John Whisky) He is a man who was born with a rare disease called Gingagalctysis - which causes the mouth to undergo a form of poison. To stop himself from dying, he got tested and the doctors (one of them being Dr. Magnus Mysterious & Dr. Minister) chained his mouth and filled his gums with neomicrobes that would be implanted in him forever. when that happened, he whispered into one of the doctors ears and they acted as a mindless zombie under John's controll. From there on, he started committing his own crimes and acting as a criminal for injustice. After that, he met Frankenstein to where he mind controled him when whispering in his ear. Percy & Jen had to stop Frankenstein and the Whisperer. They were successful and the Whisperer was put in jail. Currently, he is out of jail working with Silverfin.
  • The Bulldozer (Timothy Carell) He is a loyal and humble servant of Dr. Magnus Mysterious. However, he grew to hate the doctor when he mutated him into stone. He was unbeatable and was able to even defeat the Boulder (his counterpart). He was then tested by defeating Frankenstein. He managed to do it the first time but was later defeated when Frankenstein tricked him and punched him in the water to where he rusted.
  • The Sugarcane (David Excello) He is local famous candyman who sells poisonous candycanes to the citizens of Nightmare City due to the fact that he hates kids and enjoys watching others suffer. He appeared as a somewhat tall, gray-haired old man. He uses his candycanes (despite the fact that he is weak to them as well). When he met Frankenstein in his factory, he was able to easily defeat him however, Frankenstein had help from the Thief and they were able to take him down. The Sugarcane has always teamed up with people but would doublecross them because he viewed himself better as a loner.

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