Frankenstein X is a fictional comic book supervillain and an adversary of Frankenstein's. He was created through the DNA of Frankenstein and is an imperfect clone of him. He was created by Dr. Zing but went rogue on him and so his goals are destruction and the defeat of Frankenstein. Unlike Frankenstein, he gains power from fire.


This is a list of appearances throughout the series.

Frankenstein: TAS Edit

Season 1Edit

Frankenstein X debuts in Season 1, Episode 5, "Frankenstein X: Brutal and Cruel." Dr. Zing made Frankenstein X using the DNA from Frankenstein. However, it turned out incomplete and so he sent him to defeat Frankenstein. Once finding him, the two fights all over Nightmare City but Frankenstein X gets the edge and easily defeats him. He then throws him to the water pipe. It then breaks and Frankenstein X heads back to the lab. He then turns on Dr. Zing and once again defeats Frankenstein. Frankenstein and Dr. Zing then teams up to defeat Frankenstein X. At the docks, Frankenstein and Frankenstein X both are fighting. He then throws Frankenstein into the water to where he plans to drown him. However, Frankenstein manages to hurt him and uses the iceberg to freeze Frankenstein X.

Season 3Edit

Frankenstein X returns in Season 3, Episode 10, "Frankenstein X Returns." Frankenstein and Dr. Zing are both haunted by the fact that Frankenstein X might still be out there lurking in Nightmare City. The two then goes down to the docks to find the place where they froze him. They find out that he has escaped it and is roaming somewhere in Nightmare City. They both go searching all over Nightmare City. When they find him, Frankenstein X defeats them both and unleashes his genetic clone, Anti-Frankenstein.

Next in Season 3, Episode 11, "Anti-Frankenstein," Frankenstein X and Anti-Frankenstein both overwhelms Frankenstein and Dr. Zing and captures them. They then plan on getting rid of the two but Frankenstein X gets greedy and knocks Anti-Frankenstein out and kidnaps the two in order to kill them himself. Frankenstein X prepares to kill them until Anti-Frankenstein comes and beats down on him and Frankenstein fights them both. However, the three are equaled until Dr. Zing shoots his Inevitable Ray and Frankenstein X manages to get Anti-Frankenstein with it. Frankenstein then kicks Frankenstein X, thus defeating him. The Commissioner then takes him to Starkarm Prison.

Season 6Edit

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