Fritz was the hump-backed assistant of Dr. Henry Frankenstein in the 1931 Frankenstein. He helped Dr. Frankenstein acquire the bodies that he needed for his experiments. He was also responsible for getting the abnormal brain that went into the monster. He was latter killed by the beast when he taunted it with a torch. His body was later found by Frankenstein.


Working for FrankensteinEdit

Dr. Frankenstein hired Fritz to assist him in his experiments on creating new life. He helped him dig up bodies and then would help transport them back to the castle where the experiments took place. He was tasked with acquiring a brain to be put into the body. During a lightning strike, he dropped the brain that was meant to go into the body and took a criminal's abnormal brain. During the experiment, Frankenstein's fiancee Elizabeth, friend Victor and older teacher Dr. Waldman arrived at the castle searching for him. Fritz attempted to make them leave but eventually had to let them in. He later helped Frankenstein lock his monster in the dungeon.


While he was taunting the monster with a torch, it broke free and choked him to death and later hung him from the rafters. His body was later discovered by Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Waldman. Frankenstein was brokenhearted by Fritz's death and briefly fell into a depression.


  • Fritz was the original version of the famous Igor.
  • Fritz was played by Dwayne Frye

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