Jimmy Ferris Christopher Harvey Jones "Jimmy Jones" (a.k.a.) Gun is a fictional comic book superhero and the hero of Pasifis City. He makes his first debut in G.U.N. comics issue #1: Crook on the Loose. There, he came into contact with the Lazarus Pit Crystal, thus giving him superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability, reflexes and agility. He is depicted mainly as an anti-hero as he does things that will help him prevail, no matter what.


Jimmy Jones was an average day 16-17 year old. However, he was also a cat-burglar, stealing things so that he may help his poor family and continue living in the house. However, one nightm the police catches him trying to get the Lazarus Pit Crystal. After a scuffle, Jimmy is knocked into the substance of the Lazarus Pit, this causes a catalyst to speed up his DNA infusion and transformation. This also causes all of his instincts as well as a sixth sense to get heightened. After this, Jimmy manages to easily defeat the officers and escapes with the Lazarus Pit Crystal. As Jimmy learns more and more about the alien-like substance, he is being watched by a highly secretive organization, known as G.U.N. Eventually, they meet and they try to persuade Jimmy into utulizing his newfound powers for them. He then refuses and barely manages to escape. Growing a grudge on G.U.N., Jimmy takes up the superhero, Gun, an anti-hero who goals to keep his family living, no matter the costs. Although he has the remainder of the Lazarus Pit Crystal with him, Jimmy's power will never fade away unless somebody extracts it from him.

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