Thaddeus Gerald (a.k.a.) Rapier is a fictional comic book supervillain and an adversary of Frankenstein's. He was an expert in engineering and sword fighting and fencing. Whikle sword fighting a guy named Shack, he stabbed his mother in the eye. Thaddeus killed the guy and grew to hate everyone but himself and would avenge his mother's death.


This is a list of appearances throughout the series.

Frankenstein: TASEdit

Season 3Edit

Rapier debuts in Season 3, Episode 8, "The Ultimate Slayer." He comes to Nightmare City curious of the wonders of the world. When going to the Consession Booth but runs into Frankenstein. The two got off on the wrong foot and Rapier promised to kill him if they met again. He goes around town terorrizing the citizens until Frankenstein and co. find him once again and so Frankenstein and Rapier fights it out. As the fight continued, Frankenstein was overwhelmed and was saved by Jen who manages to defeat Rapier. He is then sent underground, meeting his doom.

Season 5Edit

Rapier returns in Season 5, Episode 1, "Eclipse." There, he is revealed to be alive and has gotten better. He seeks out Jen and kidnaps her. Frankenstein, Percy and JoeDanny all goes to go get her back. When they find Rapier, they find 5 of him and they are overwhelmed and captured as well. Rapier then plans to turn them into his game pieces as he is about to play Knights & Lotus. However, Frankenstein manages to escape at the last second and stops Rapier. He then fights Rapier on top of the Nightmare City Tower but is about to get stabbed until JoeDanny kicks him and he falls but lands in a straight jacket. He is then taken to Starkarm Prison. Rapier is back in Season 5, Episode 10, "Divide & Conquer."

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