Shadowboy is a fictional superhero, a comic book character created by Nicco Vanible & Greg Polinski. The Character first appeared in Shadowboy Adventures #1. Originally referred to as the "Ghost-Kid" or the "Vanishing Crusader", Shadowboy has also taken up names such as "Phantom-Boy", "The Ghost Knight" but is eventually given his more popular named, Shadowboy.

In the original version of the story's telling and vast majority of the retellings, Shadowboy's secret identity is Kirk Wonder, an American billionaire boy, industrialist, scientist and part-time detective. Having been in a horrible freak accident because of a simple miscalculation involving high-concentrated level of gray matter and biochemical DNA and the witnessing of his father’s death, he swore to use his powers for the greater good and hold up truth and justice, while keeping a promise to his father. Kirk trains his mental capacity everyday intellectually and dons a spectral-black, semi-blue and white costume in order to fight crime. Shadowboy operates in the fictional American Golden Gate City, usually a loner but on occasions teamed up with supporting characters like Gun, his butler Benjamin Hammworth, the police commissioner James Johnson, and occasionally the hero Kid Invincible. He fights an assortment of villains such as the Trickster, the Meatman, the Goblin, Vertigo, the Mermaid, Ms. Foxxe, Coin-Toss, Zs’Skayr, Poison Point, and among others. Although like most superheroes, he has superhuman abilities but incorporates the use of his intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess and semi-martial arts skills and indomitable will to not only induce change, but fear in his continuous war on crime.

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