David Excello (a.k.a.) The Sugarcane is a comic book supervillain and an adversary of Frankenstein's. He is a local famous candyman who sells poisonous candycanes to citizens due to the fact that he hates kids.

Frankenstein: TAS Edit

Season 9Edit

The Sugarcane debuts in Season 9, Episode 13, "The Sugarcane." There he ran a factory that had poisonous candycanes falling from the sky so little boys and girls would pick it up. Frankenstein eats it but immediately spits it out and goes after the Sugarcane to stop the Sugarcane. Frankenstein was accompanied by the Thief and when they found The Sugarcane, was tricking them both. However, Frankenstein stops his raid and places him under arrest.

Season 11Edit

The Sugarcane returns in Season 11, Episode 6, "Dust Mites." There, he teamed up with both the Candle and the Alcoholic to get rid of Frankenstein. They were beating him on the first time but he manages to escape. The Sugarcane makes a artillery of sharp candycanes and when beating him the second time, he poisons both the Candle and the Alcoholic in order to defeat Frankenstein on his own. Using his factory's weapons along with his, he is able to overwhelm Frankenstein but Frankenstein gets JoeDanny, Frankenstein Jr. & Rusty Lad to help him and defeats the Sugarcane and he along with the Alcoholic and the Candle are back in prison.

Season 14Edit

The Sugarcane reappears and makes his final appearance in Frankenstein: The Animated Series in Season 14, Episode 7, "The Return of The Sugarcane." David has Frankenstein trapped in his building where it will combust and explode leaving Frankenstein in ashes. As Frankenstein is defenseless, The Sugarcane goes after Percy, Jen and Hunter Ross. There, they are all trapped and captured. Frankenstein and co. tries to reason with him. When they finally get free, they try to find the Sugarcane but they eventually find Hunter Ross trapping the Sugarcane to die in his own factory. Frankenstein tries to get him out but Hunter Ross stops him. They then fight for a bit but Percy tells them that the building is about to explode. Hunter Ross kicks Frankenstein outside and afterwards, everyone watches as the building explodes. Frankenstein is seen shocked and concerned and disappointed that a guy who despised people all his life ended up dying alone.

The New Adventures of FrankensteinEdit