Flint Mason (a.k.a.) Wingman is a comic book superhero and the main character of The Fantastic Wingman comics series. He gained his powers through an accident after being pushed into an inescapable suit. Because of that, he was gifted with the powers of flight, superhuman speed, strength, reflexes and durability and a Keen Eye.

Gaining His PowersEdit

Flint was but an ordinary 16 year old. However, he became quick friends with Hugo Kingsley. Hugo invited him to his father's banquet for a celebration and get together. Once there, he (along with everyone else) witnessed Bishop Kingsley unveil his latest creation, the Wingsuit. He explained how the Wingsuit gives the user the ability to fly, shoot goo out of the hand sockets, pick up tremendous speeds and duplicate. After the introductions, Flint took a close-up examination to the Wingsuit. He admired every aspect of it and dreamed of flying one day. As he was dreaming of how it would be flying, a man behind him spills his wine and slips and accidentally pushes him into the suit. Bishop Kingsley realizes it is gone and sends The Steel Wing after the thief. Flint, not knowing of what the suit may do, tries to take it off. However, he notices that it will not come off and discovers that the suit will never come off. Now, he tries to escape the building by taking the roof. Flint then jumps it and starts to fly. However, he soon finds himself in an aerial battle with The Steel Wing. After a lengthy battle, Flint was able to come out on top. Flint then heads home, and notices that the fight between him and The Steel Wing was on the news. He, now given the chance, decides to protect Domino City from the evil vigilantes that may break loose. Thus begins the beginning of Flint's career.

Crime Fighting DaysEdit

During the beginning of his crime fighitng days, Flint had no particular name to be called by. This gave most villains the impression that he was a wannabe masked hero. So many called him Tinted-Feather, Birdman and more. Eventually, Flint established the name, Wingman after relating to his symbol on his chest, a wing. Some of Wingman's earliest foes consisted of The Steel Wing, The Mammoth, Magma & Stinkfly. However, as Wingman beat more and more of his foes, the more determined the Big Man of Crime was to get rid of him. This then lead up to the notorious team called, the The Malicious Six. This team consisted of 6 of Wingman's greatest enemies at the time: The Steel Wing, Magma, The Mammoth, Shockwave, Stinkfly & The Hyena.

Secrets and LiesEdit

The TragediesEdit

Friend Or FoeEdit


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